HongQi Plastic Machinery

Product Info.

Product Name:Plastic pellet Filling & Packing Machine

Plastic Granule Filling & Packing Machine

Model: HQ-350

Product feature

1. Made of stainless steel

2. Easy to clean the machine

3. Environmental protection and energy conservation

4. Direct filling and packaging in pelletizer production line. 

5. Machine can save labor, large capacity, and small size.

Principle of operation 

Plastic granule after come out the pelletizer machine, 

will go to the  ①Basket of the plastic pellet feeding & packing machine. 

Then the ②Medium pressure blower run, blow the granule from the ③Pipe to the top of the ④Barrel, 

then throw the material to barrel,The granule evenly falls.

Manual control the granule come out by gate from the ⑤outlet.


HongQi Plastic Machinery Manufactures engaged in R & D, production and sales of waste plastic machinery and equipment. 

We design and production the plastic extruder machine with ancillary equipment include strand pelletizer, Vibrating screening machine, Screw loader, Vertical mixing machine, Cooling tank, Air dryer,Crusher, stripping (degrees) machine and others equipment more then 10 years.

Product Parameter

  Model  Motor  capacity  Bolw capacity  Size mm
  HQ-350  950W  300KG  640*1100*800
  HQ-500  1.5KW  600KG  740*1200*2900
  HQ-800  2.2KW  800KG  740*1200*2900