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Product Info.

Product Name:Photodiffusion Material Plastic Extruder

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Photodiffusion Material Plastic Extruder

(Single screw granulate machine/Handrotating screen replacement die head )

Competitive Advantage:

1. Power saving. Can save 30% power for the similar product in the market. 

    It means save 30% electric charge for factory owner.

2. More productive. Screw diameter is more small. It means: there is more material work on the drum than the similar product in the market. 

3. Machine with converters, protect whole machine. When there is low electrical current start-up machine, it can project gear box, protect the screw.

4. Machine can work for 800#, 1000# screen mesh. 

5. Use more strong material for the charging basket and screw. So more long life for charging basket and screw.

Basic equipment for photodiffusion material plastic extruder machine include:

Single screw plastic extruder 1 piece 

Feeder for granule machine 1piece

Cooling tank with Moisture absorption machine 1 piece

Plastic Pelletizer 1piece

Linear Vibrating Screen Machine 1 piece

Product Characteristic (plastic extruder machine):

1. Machine with variable frequency trimming, low power switch on, instantaneous current smooth.

2. Can design and offer multiple heat treatment for screw without extra fee.

3. Gear box with forced cooling filtration system, reach Europe standard.

4. Screw and charging basket use especial steel with heat treatment. Processing reach international standard.

5. Charging basket with P.L.D automatic temperature control, material never not change color to yellow ( especially for clear material), will not born blackspot.

6.With automatic or vacuum degassing systems (Option)

7. Can choose Handrotating screen replacement or Hydraulic screen replacement.


1. We have more then 200 customer around our factory, from 1KM ~30KM. All of them work for waste plastic recycling business, for get the plastic pellet. So very welcome to our factory or our customer plastic factory for review our product.

2. Our Single screw pelletizing machine occupy 85% market in local market.

3. One of biggest VCR/VCD manufactory the in world is our customer.

Capability(PC) or(PC+ABS):

Model HQ-60: 80~100KG/HR

Model HQ-90: 200~300KG/HR

Model HQ-120: 350~500KG/HR

Different mode of screen replacement:

Handrotating screen replacement: More steady for the plastic quality, but need man-made working. 

Hydraulic screen replacement: replacement screen is more easy, save labour.


For material : ABS, PC, PP, PE,HIPS, TPU, PA coloration, mix, modified, added , composite,recycling, make granular. Professional in PC material. 

Product Parameter (photodiffusion material plastic extruder machine):

Please check from Single screw granulate machine production line

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