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Product Name:Horizontal ribbon mixer

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Horizontal ribbon mixer is a use of the principle of rapid rotation to achieve the purpose of mixing equipment.

Main features

1. Energy efficient: dry, stirring once completed.

2. Safe and reliable: multiple safety devices.

3. Convenient and efficient: stainless steel barrels and propeller to facilitate cleaning; automatic temperature control, timing downtime.

4. Main applications: engineering plastics, raw materials, dry powder materials and soft materials, drying, homogenization, mixing.

5. Heating system: heating oil heating.

1. Ensure that the voltage and frequency of the power supply match the manufacturer nameplate.

2. Connecting cables and ground should be subject to local regulations.

3. Use a separate cable and power switch, the wire diameter should not be less than the electric control box application of the wire.

4. The wire terminals should be secure and secure.

5. The series power supply using three-phase four-wire, power (L1, L2, L3) then the power line, and the zero line.

6. Power distribution requirements: Main power supply voltage: ± 5% Main power frequency: ± 2%.


   Model   Motor Capacity   Fully Volume    Size(mm)
   Heating power

  HQ-500        7.5KW    500KG   2000*900*1600      12KW
  HQ-1000        11KW    1000KG   2200*1200*1600      12KW
  HQ-2000        22KW    2000KG   3200*1800*2000      18KW
  HQ-3000        37KW    3000KG   2500*2500*4000      21KW