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                                             Solution for get: LED Light Cover

                                  Material: PC Photodiffusion Granules

                                                                                                        Customer Factory

Basic equipment for make the PC photodiffusion granulessshoule be include:

3. Plastic crusher

4. Material wash machine

5. Vertical plastic mixer with drying system

6. Plastic vertical dewater machine

7. Belt Conveyor

1. Use the item 8, get the pure PC disc( the waste dvd/cd without any coating).
2. Use item 3~7, get the clean PC scrap.

Step 2:
For get the PC Photodiffusion Granules
Use item 1~2, with the waste CD/DVD clean scrap, photodiffusion additive and other PC material. It can get the PC Photodiffusion Granules.

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